VPP Priorities

Ensure Water Security and Management

The Valley Prosperity Partnership will collaborate with internal and external stakeholder​s to ensure that the Valley's water infrastructure and management systems are fully funded, constructed and operational, effectively protecting against future flooding, maintaining the aquifers, while providing for a readily sustainable and quality supply of water at all times.

Attract, Develop, and Retain Talent

The VPP will help coordinate regional talent attraction, development, and retention initiatives to ensure the Valley can meet and sustain current and future employment demands while helping to give North Dakota, Minnesota, and the Valley a greater voice in national policy.

Expand Research Capacity and Relevancy

The VPP will work to ensure that research and technology commercialization activities at Valley universities are fully funded, can attract quality faculty, and can support regional industry and their unique competencies. Within this priority, a critical focus will be placed on the Valley's opportunities associated with the convergence of specialized areas of technology and innovation to include unmanned aerial systems (UAS), precision agriculture, healthcare and medical services, and energy.

Accelerate Entrepreneurial Activity and Output

The VPP will work to ensure that a strong and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture exists within the Valley that cultivates, encourages, and supports new business creation and innovative ideas, while adding value to existing organizations, products, and services.

Invest in Critical Infrastructure Development and Capital Improvement Projects

The VPP will identify and advocate for the continued investment in critical infrastructure development to include (but not limited to) roads, highways, freight-rail, natural gas, utilities, air service, broadband communication, and civic space improvements for both North Dakota and Minnesota stakeholders.