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Red River Valley


for economic growth, vibrant communities, and quality jobs

Taking the long view on economic and public policy.

The Valley Prosperity Partnership (VPP) is a membership organization led by some of the region’s top business and higher education leaders, joined by economic development partners, that work to advance strategic economic development opportunities for the Red River Valley region of North Dakota and Minnesota and for the entire State of North Dakota.

About Us
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Our Priorities

To advance a shared vision for high value and sustained economic growth.


Ensure Water Security and Management

Attract, Develop, and Retain Talent


Expand Research Capacity and Relevancy

Accelerate Entrepreneurial Activity and Output

Invest in Critical Infrastructure




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How We Work

The Valley Prosperity Partnership works to ensure that its activities and agenda add value to its members and partners. We take the long view on economic and policy issues that affect the businesses, communities, and people of the Red River Valley and the wider region – to advance a shared vision for high value and sustained economic growth.


The VPP Executive Committee and Steering Committee provide leadership for initiatives related to the VPP’s priorities.

Judd Graham, Co-Chair

Chris Wolf, Co-Chair

Mike McLean, Vice Co-Chair.

Shannon Roers Jones, Vice Co-Chair


A dedicated part-time executive director, Delore Zimmerman, coordinates the activities of the VPP and the GA Group provides strategic advice and advocacy services related to government and public affairs. The Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation and Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation augment these services as appropriate.

How does it work

From the Executive Committee

"This is an historic and pivotal time for the Red River Valley. Spanning the borders of North Dakota and Minnesota, the Valley and its recent economic performance has far outpaced the Nation’s economy. With rapid job growth and diversified industry, our region must take advantage of its unique position of strength to plan for a vibrant, equitable and sustainable economic future. We are working to bring communities throughout the Valley together to develop a unified, shared vision for high value and sustained economic growth for all our residents.​Our action plan is meant to serve as a guide for continued partnerships and action. A very special thank you to Mr. Marcil, the VPP Steering Committee, and all those who have contributed their time, talent and knowledge to this process. It would not have been possible without it."​​

Previous VPP Co-Chairs


Tammy Miller

Steve Burian

Marshal Albright

Brian Johnson

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